A quarter carcass of broiler chicken
A quarter carcass of broiler chicken

Chicken quarters wholesale from the producer

Agro-Oven is a large producer and wholesaler of chicken meat in Ukraine and in the world. We offer the highest quality chicken quarters wholesale and large wholesale.

We invite to cooperation of wholesale buyers: retail chains, large and small shops. Working with us, you can build and develop a profitable business for the sale of food.

Chicken quarter of Agro-Oven: eco-friendly, quality, affordable.

Chicken quarters are high-demand goods in the food market. Chicken meat is in the diet of millions around the world. Selling this product is a profitable business. For this purpose, it is important to find a reliable supplier that will ensure uninterrupted supply of chicken meat. Agro-Oven will be such a business partner for your company. Why should you choose us?

  • Thanks to the closed cycle of poultry farming and meat processing, we have achieved a price reduction while maintaining the highest quality of products.

  • All our products undergo strict internal quality control and meet the strictest sanitary standards. On request, Agro-Oven will provide the necessary certificates nd research findings to confirm that the products are environmentally friendly and safe.

  • The company has two own creep feed production plants. This ensures that all poultry receive a nutritious, balanced and healthy diet, which has a positive impact on the taste of the meat.

  • Thanks to our well-established logistics, we ensure the fastest possible delivery and uninterrupted delivery of meat in the right quantities.

  • Thanks to perfect sanitation at all stages of raising, the poultry will be healthy, which means that the meat will be as nutritious and useful as possible.

Wholesale purchases of chicken quarters from Agro-Oven

Company Agro-Oven has built mutually beneficial business relations with dozens of wholesale buyers in Ukraine and other countries. We raise birds, provide processing of meat on our own facilities and organize delivery of the finished product to the buyer.

If you are interested in wholesale supplies of chicken quarters, breasts, thighs and other meat, please contact the company Agro-Oven. We provide quality products at reasonable prices.

For advice and a commercial offer, please call one of the contact numbers on the website or email. We will offer the best conditions for wholesale purchases.

Nutrition facts
Calories 177.00 kcal.
Protein 19.50 g.
Carbohydrates 0.00 g.
Fats 11.00 g.