Broiler chicken fillet
Broiler chicken fillet

Chicken fillet from the Ukrainian producer

Chicken fillet is a popular product among buyers from many countries. It is a light, diet meat rich in protein. It is well assimilated, easy to prepare and used to prepare many delicious dishes. Therefore, it is very profitable to sell chicken fillets to retail buyers. The main thing is to find a supplier who will provide your stores with quality and affordable fillets on a regular basis. Are you in search of such a supplier? Get acquainted with the offer of Agro-Oven!

Agro-Oven: quality chicken filet from Ukraine

Our company has long been working in the field of chicken production and has recommended itself as a reliable supplier in Ukraine and abroad. We do not only produce and we supply chicken fillets, drumsticks, legs, backs and other products. Agro Oven grows chickens of meat breeds, feeds them with selected feed of his own production. That's why we keep a close eye on all stages of the process, we adhere to all health and hygiene standards.

Ordering chicken by the wholesale from us is profitable because of us:

  • We closely monitor the growing process of poultry and feed them extremely useful feeds that have a beneficial effect on meat.

  • For cutting, packing and freezing we use modern production facilities with high capacity. This allows us to automate processing as much as possible and to obtain a product that is not afraid of long transportation.

  • In production we use dutch equipment.

  • We freeze chicken fillet with the help of "dry" freezing. This allows customers to buy premium quality meat and not overpay for the ice crust.

  • The products have all necessary certificates of quality, including - Halal.

  • We can supply chicken fillets in small and large quantities, without interruptions, precisely and on time.

  • In addition to chicken fillet, we offer chicken breasts, legs, drumsticks, thighs, wings, backs and other products

To buy chicken fillets by wholesale, please contact our managers via email or phone. They will answer all your questions, familiarize you with the price and provide you with all the necessary documents to conclude the contract. And the logistics department will find the most advantageous routes for fast deliveries, so you do not have to pay for the transportation of chicken fillets.

We invite to cooperation, which will help your business to grow!

Nutrition facts
Calories 111.50 kcal.
Protein 23.60 g.
Carbohydrates 0.00 g.
Fats 1.90 g.