Broiler chicken skin
Broiler chicken skin

Chicken skin

Company Agro-Oven offers wholesale chicken skin and other products of poultry meat processing. We are pleased to cooperate with producers and sellers of food products.

Wholesale chicken skin for sausage production

  • The company Agro-Oven has its own farm for growing broilers and processing their meat. We guarantee quality, environmental friendliness and safety of meat.

  • Chicken carcasses and all processed products meet strict requirements for food hygiene.

  • We sell products at the best price in any quantity.

Chicken skin is supplied frozen to ensure its safety and the necessary sanitary condition of the product.

Wholesale chicken skin and other meat processing products supply

The company Agro-Oven supplies frozen chicken skin for the food industry. To get the price list and commercial offer - write or call us. Our managers will accompany your deal from beginning to end so that you can enjoy working with us!

Nutrition facts
Calories 240.00 kcal.
Protein 15.00 g.
Carbohydrates 0.00 g.
Fats 20.00 g.