Chicken carcasses
Chicken carcasses

Chicken carcasses are calorie and nutritious parts of chicken, which are often used for first courses, stewing, baking. They are in demand by many people around the world. Are you a chicken retailer and looking for a reliable supplier from which to buy quality and inexpensive products? Company Agro-Oven many years working in the Ukrainian and international market, produces and delivers chicken legs, carcasses, wings and other products.

Chicken carcasses from Ukraine: operating principles of the company Agro-Oven.

Company Agro-Oven is a modern production of meat and poultry. We do not buy chicken from suppliers, and grow chickens ourselves at poultry complexes in the Dnipropetrovsk region. Employees of poultry complexes carefully control all stages of poultry life. And also - we produce our own feed, so we are fully confident in the quality of meat.

Directly from the poultry complex the chicken get to the processing plant, where we cut, freeze and facade the chicken. Our company is constantly improving the production process, using dutch new equipment and strictly adheres to sanitary standards. Chicken carcasses are frozen using a unique technology with a minimum amount of ice glaze. So neither you nor the end buyer will have to pay for the ice.

Why is it profitable to cooperate with Agro-Oven?

Sellers from Ukraine and other countries that sell chicken carcasses, legs, wings choose our company as a partner for many reasons. Let's list the main ones:

  • Control of poultry growth conditions starting with the incubator.

  • Feed the chickens only natural and healthy food, which affects the quality of the meat.

  • We have created a full cycle of production, processing and delivery of chicken products.

  • In the process of meat processing we use high-tech equipment.

  • We offer reasonable prices for all types of products of Agro-Oven.

  • We have established an ideal logistics system for the supply of meat in Ukraine and our warehouse in Odessa for shipments to other countries.

The quality of the products is confirmed by appropriate certificates. Please note that you can buy chicken carcasses in bulk from us, both in small and large batches. We guarantee uninterrupted supply and favorable conditions for cooperation.

Buying chicken from Agro-Oven is a successful way to develop your business, attracting many loyal customers. To get a price, contact the representatives of the company by calling the contact numbers indicated on the website or via e-mail. We invite you to a mutually beneficial cooperation!

Nutrition facts
Calories 199.00 kcal.
Protein 19.40 g.
Carbohydrates 0.00 g.
Fats 13.50 g.