Broiler chicken thigh
Broiler chicken thigh

Chicken thigh

Chicken thighs are in demand in dozens of countries. Company Agro-Oven offers chicken thighs wholesale and large wholesale. We sell only meat of own manufacture and we bear full responsibility for quality of meat, its conformity to the strictest sanitary standards.

Wholesale chicken thighs from Ukrainian producer

Company Agro-Oven offers wholesale buyers of Ukraine and other countries wholesale supplies of quality chicken meat. On all products there are certificates of quality and safety. We are ready to provide them upon request. Work with us gives some serious advantages:

  • Each customer receives a quality product at a reasonable price. This is possible due to the fact that the company Agro-Oven has built a full cycle of poultry farming, meat processing and delivery to wholesale buyers.

  • We strictly control the conditions in the incubator, poultry farms and processing and freezing lines. The product is 100% ecological, nutritious and safe.

  • We have two own poultry feed production plants. Thanks to this, the poultry in our farms receive a balanced and nutritious diet.

  • From poultry complexes, the poultry gets to the company's own plants, where the meat is processed. The Dutch equipment allows to accelerate processes, to make meat processing practically waste-free. Frost also is going as fast as possible, virtually ice-free.

  • Products of Agro-Oven are in demand in dozens of countries. Customers of hundreds of retail chains, large supermarkets and small shops buy them with pleasure. For your business cooperation with us, too, will surely be profitable.

Wholesale supply of chicken thighs from the producer: prices and terms of cooperation

Company Agro-Oven has become a reliable business partner for dozens of large wholesale buyers who are developing their business in the food retail sector.

Regular deliveries of products in large quantities and at reasonable prices are extremely important for our customers. Our company will provide each customer with uninterrupted receipt of purchased meat. We work with batches from tens of kilograms to tens of tons.

Company Agro-Oven guarantees the quality of all products, delivery of meat without ice on fair and accurate weight. It makes cooperation with our company even more profitable. We are confident that the end consumers of all products will be satisfied.

To get advice on the terms of cooperation, request certificates and price list, call us at the number on the website or write to the contact e-mail.

Nutrition facts
Calories 174.50 kcal.
Protein 20.00 g.
Carbohydrates 0.00 g.
Fats 10.50 g.